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Author: Walter Isaacson
Year Of Releasing:2011
Review about this Book:

The book starts right from his birth parents which put him under adoption. His adopted parents raised him very affectionately and loved him very much. From childhood onwards he is a bit different from others. He is crazy enough to call directly the chairman of HP regarding an instrument he need. From childhood he interested in new designs and with the help of his friend Steve Woznaik who together started APPLE. He was very interested in simplicity from Zen way of life which he imbibed in his lifestyle. He left the college as he was not interested in the subjects and don’t want  to spend his parents money on things which he is not interested.

After making his friend enlighten about the range of the  product he invented and make it sell instead of giving it for free. They started the company of manufacturing the APPLE I in his father’s garage with the help of family and friends. Later they shifted to another place and there they implemented APPLE II which is more stylish and simple. It went very well in market and gave them huge profits.
With the same enthusiasm they released APPLE III which was not a great success in the market. Later they released MACINTOSH which was one of best APPLE product. Jobs presented his product with a good style and it was the best personal computer of that time. After the release of MAC, APPLE went for public and Steve Jobs has become a millionaire at the age of 25.
He was not an ordinary person to deal, he was a straight forward person, if he doesn’t like something, he would say it on the face, his arrogance, his negligence, and his poor public relations make him a bad guy in the minds of his employees. He used to scold employees about their work, he used to copy his employee’s ideas and promote it as if it is his own.

But Jobs is not an easy person, he used to motivate employees, he used to persuade them to gain greater goals, he used to make them involve in the work. His employees used to think that he has a Reality Distortion Field which neglects the truth.

He became father unintentionally at the age of 23 which he kept the issue aside as if he is not responsible. Because of his behavior and many other minor issues he was thrown away from Apple. He was thrown away from the company which he started. Later he started his own company and named it as NEXT. It was not as successful as the previous one. He also acquainted an Animation company named PIXAR. Later they made movies like Toy Story with Disney. Disney is the major producer where as Pixar was a minor one. 

Even though he didn’t satisfied well with Next but his crest for success was done with Pixar. With collaboration with Disney they made many movies which were huge success in the box office.
In his absence Apple didn’t went very well and that made him to come back to the company as Interim CEO. He removed all the board of directors and brought people who he thinks are ‘A’ range. He promoted the company in such a way that it is a Rebel  company. ‘Think different’ was a slogan they promoted on their campaigns which attracted youth.

They launched a new product iMAC which was made of glass through which the users can see the inner parts of the system. He was so perfect that inner parts of the  system like micro processers, circuit boards should also be beautiful even though it was not visible to the outsiders. But for iMAC it was indeed helped, his perfectionism made the product a super success.

Later they launched iPod which contains 1000 songs and can fit in a pocket. It was huge success that half of Apple revenue came from it. Later he introduced Apple store which people received very well.

Later Apple introduced iPhone, then iPad, their success was known to everyone. In his last days he suffered with cancer and died at the age of 55. At time of death he has 4 children and wife Laurene Powell.

His aggressiveness, his passion, his determination, his hard work, made Apple one of the best companies in the world. He changed the lifestyle  of mankind with his charisma. The history will definitely remember him.  


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